Sun shines on Salisbury Half Marathon

Posted on: October 10, 2018

Perfect weather, saw course records tumble at Salisbury Half Marathon on Sunday 7th October. The midday start on New Canal saw a record number of runners, and the city streets were lined with a huge crowd of spectators creating a real carnival atmosphere.

The race is run on the Half Marathon distance of 13.1miles over a very flat two lap course. This makes it a great course for seasoned runners to improve on personal best times, and also mean it is appealing to those attempting the distance for the first time. It also means spectators get an opportunity to see the runners on multiple occasions.

The race was also round 9 of the Wiltshire Road Race league which drew many of the region’s best runners to the start.

The race leaders came into the Cathedral Close at the end of lap one with very little separating the first two runners Chris Carpanini of MMRT and Simon Nott of Calne Running Club and indeed the top four at halfway were on course record breaking pace.

In the race for the Ladies title at halfway, Jacqueline Rockcliffe of Avon Valley Runners had built up a good lead ahead of Rachel Astington of Running for Time and 2017 winner Ruth Thom from City of Salisbury AC with each of the top three also inside course record pace.

As runners neared completion of lap one they were superbly entertained by two Kate Edgar Choirs. On Harnham Road at around 5.5 and 12.5 miles were ladies choir Amici and on Chorister Square were the Navy Larks, both proved highly popular and entertaining to both runners and the assembled spectators.

Behind the leaders there were many first timers and lots of charity runners, with many raising funds for the events three charity partners, Help for Heroes, Stars Appeal and the Trussell Trust.

The positions at the head of the mens field remained the same through to the end of lap two into the finish line on the sports field at Cathedral Close, with the top four all breaking the previous course record. The ladies race saw a similar pattern with little changing on the race positions and proof of the strength in the ladies field was confirmed with all of the top five ladies being inside the previous record of 1hr 29:17

Mens race leader board

1st Chris Carpanini, MMRT (New course record)                                           1hr 09:17

2nd Simon Nott, Calne Running Club                                                               1hr 09:25

3rd Daniel Bodman, Aberdale VAAC                                                                 1hr 11:02

Ladies Race leader board

1st Jacqueline Rockliffe, Avon Valley Runners (New course record)         1hr 23:22

2nd Rachel Astington, Running for Time                                                         1hr 26:23

3rd Ruth Thom, City of Salisbury AC and RC                                                  1hr 27:45

Age Category winners

Senior Male: Chris Carpanini of MMRT (New course record)                    1hr 09:17

Senior Lady: Rachel Astington, Running for Time                                        1hr 26:23

Male Vet 30: Aaron Wilson, City of Salisbury AC                                          1hr 11:25

Lady Vet 30: Ruth Thom, City of Salisbury AC                                              1hr 27:45

Male Vet 40: Colin Dean, Letterkenny 24/7 Triathlon                                 1hr 28:14

Lady Vet 40:  Jacqueline Rockliffe, Avon Valley Runners                           1hr 23:22

Male Vet 50: Paul Rose, Maiden Newton Runners                                       1hr 24:24

Lady Vet 50: Fiona Price, Avon Valley Runners                                            1hr 32:52

Male Vet 60: Nick Brook, Dorset Doddlers                                                    1hr 29:41

Lady Vet 60: Natasha Ellis from Salisbury                                                     1hr 52:27

Male Vet 70: Michael Grigg, Victory AC                                                          1hr 56:59

Race winner Chris Carpanini after the race said

‘My first time doing the Salisbury half. The event was very well organised and the city itself was very interesting for my supporters.I will definitely be back next year or maybe before for a more relaxing visit before next year’s race. Thank you to the organisers and the city for a warm welcome’

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